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Judgements, Warrants, & Evictions

No place is more important than your home. The right to a safe, livable, and affordable home should not depend on the whims of bad acting landlord or tenant. Our landlord-tenant practice is dedicated to protecting the rights of landlord and tenants.

Gordon Legal is unique in that we are here ready with legal counsel available to talk with you and begin the discussion of your eviction matter immediately. This hands-on approach to evictions ensures that the unique aspects of your case gets the individual special attention your queens eviction case deserves.

If you're tired of dealing with a difficult landlord tenant dispute and want an experienced evictions attorney on your side, you have come to the right place. Gordon Legal, P.C. represents landlords and tenants in an efficient, ethical, legal and professional manner.

Gordon Legal will handle the eviction process for you from start to finish. From the initial consultation drafting legal documents, arguing on your behalf in court, your Queens eviction lawyer will keep you informed every step of the way.

Gordon Legal is here to help you resolve your eviction case.

From Start to Finish at Gordon Legal, We

  • Provide an initial free consultation.
  • Evaluate pre-litigation strategies and identify client goals.
  • Prepare all the legal paperwork for service of process.
  • File your legal documents at the court clerk's office.
  • Appear in court on your behalf.
  • Prepare all paperwork for your day in housing court.
  • Present and try your case before the court.
  • Communicate with you at every step.


Gordon Legal, PC is committed to answering your questions about landlord-tenant law issues in the New York City area.

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